Coming To Terms With a Diagnosed Medical Condition

Coming to terms with a diagnosed medical condition certainly isn't something we want to contend with in our lives. Unfortunately, it does happen. A diagnosis that has an adverse effect on our overall health can be difficult to accept and adapt to. But coming to terms with what we are not about to change about life and what we can is all about our frame of mind. At first, the initial diagnosis may be met with shock, then denial. That's normal, and everybody deals with it in their own time. But after that initial shock wears off, it is your responsibility to be proactive.

Being told that you have a serious condition or illness is obviously very frightening. It means our future is uncertain and we often aren't sure what we're going to endure. However, one of the best things to do is some simple research. First of all, get a second opinion. Learn as much as you can about the course of the disease, treatment options, and how to deal with the every day realities of living with a difficult diagnosis. Join a support group. Don't bottle your feelings, because that isn't healthy for you mentally or emotionally. And don't be fooled into thinking that your mental and emotional health can't effect your physical health, because all of that goes together.

After you accept what you're not able to change there's bound to be some ups and downs. Don't forget that's normal. And even though you might not be able to control the outcome, you'll probably feel better peace of mind when you educate yourself and learn more about what you're up against. Again, this is where talking to friends and family will help. If you're not comfortable joining a support group then think about seeking some one on one counseling. People who feel like they have a strong support system often report feeling better than those who don't feel like they have people to lean on.

One last piece of advice: remember that it takes time to heal. Rome wasn't built in a day, and your recovery may not be as quick as you'd like. Sometimes it may feel as if its a "two steps forward and three steps back" process. Just keep doing what you can to move forward.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Possible Diagnosis for The Daily Exhausted

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that causes severe daily fatigue. Unlike feeling tired at the end of a long day, even after rest no improvement, and this feeling of exhaustion can last for many months or years and may be powerful enough to interfere with your daily routine. Getting a diagnosis can be difficult for some, but it can also help you find the answers you seek and get relief.


You may have no will to do much, and symptoms may worsen with physical activity. Many people also experience muscle pain, headaches, pain from one joint to another, tender lymph nodes, sore throat, sleep problems, unrefreshed sleep and loss of memory.


Doctors do not fully understand what causes CFS, but some believe that age, health history, viral infections, stress, environmental factors and genetics can all play a role. It is most commonly diagnosed in women who are between 30 and 50 years old.

Tests and Treatments

There are no specific medical tests for chronic fatigue syndrome. However, the CDC has listed specific signs and symptoms that can be evaluated, and your doctor may diagnose CFS after ruling out other health issues such as immune system disorders, muscle or nerve diseases, infections, hormonal imbalance and endocrine diseases.

Treatment is generally focused on alleviating symptoms. Your doctor may prescribe medications for depression or anxiety and recommend cognitive behavioral therapy and graded exercises. A balanced diet, healthy sleep habits and lifestyle changes can all be beneficial. Avoid overdoing it on days that you feel tired or relying on caffeine over consumption, which can leave you feeling more tired. Break large tasks into smaller tasks, and spread them out over the week as needed.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complicated disorder, and different factors can play a role in your long-term prognosis. Keeping track of symptoms when starting to see a pattern can help when seeing a doctor. If you see no improvement with your current treatment regimen, talk to your doctor about trying new things or adjusting your treatment plan.

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If you're looking for a relaxing yet interesting hobby, reading might be just the answer. It is a low stress activity that stimulates the brain and can increase memory power. It can be a soothing way to unwind after a busy day. And whether you like fiction or non-fiction, it is definitely a brain boosting activity. Books often elicit responses from people that are passionate - often leading to creative, exciting, and emotional discussions. And while the act of reading is usually solitary, there are still plenty of ways to turn it into a social activity if that's what you desire.

If you're ready to delve into more books this year, perhaps the best way to do so is join a book club. There are online options, which can be very convenient during the cold winter months. Who says you have to leave the comfort of home to have a book club meeting? However, if you're the type who likes meeting face to face, there are also clubs that meet at local libraries and bookstores. And beyond the social aspect, joining such a group can help you to set a goal regarding your reading. It can be a great way to hold yourself accountable.

Friends and family are also great sources for recommendations. After all, they know you very well and will be able to recommend topics to you that you'll find fascinating. And getting together to discuss the latest novel or biography and trading thoughts and feelings about it can simply be a wonderful bonding experience. Everyone has different views on how they react to the written word - hearing others views can certainly go a long way toward opening your mind as well as others.

To be quite honest, there are too many of us that are simply addicted to technology. And while there's little doubt that our smartphones are useful gadgets, playing all those games and apps often don't engage us the same way that books do. There's no harm in shutting off the computer, powering down the phone, and reaching for that novel. Settle in and get comfortable, it's time to open up a brand new world.

Feeling Younger and Living Longer

Many of us have heard the saying that “you’re only as old as you feel,” but new research indicates that it just may be truer than we ever imagined. Recent studies indicate there is a lower death rate on people who feel younger, and according to research published in JAMA’s “Internal Medicine,” people who feel younger than their chronological age may live longer than their older-feeling counterparts.

More than 6,500 men and women over the age of 52 were surveyed by researchers at the University College London. They were asked how old they felt and then evaluated eight years later to determine their current state of health. The majority of those who felt three or more years younger than their age were still alive eight years later while only three out of four of those who felt older survived. The correlation between feeling younger and living longer was strongest in those with cardiovascular problems.

According to researchers, exercise may be one of the biggest factors in feeling more youthful and maintaining health. When you exercise moderately most days of the week, you are more likely to be physically stronger and better able to tackle challenging tasks. You may even have better brain health thanks to the boost in circulation. Eating a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables, fruits and whole grains while skipping added sugar and trans fats can be just as beneficial as exercise for your body and brain.

Aging is a hard thing, and we may find ourselves increasingly focusing on aches and pains, on physical limitations or on many other issues that can affect the way we feel and live. Feeling younger than your years may mean that you are more likely to pursue activities and interests that keep you young at heart. If you aren’t feeling as young as you once felt, now is the time to take control. Find ways to keep yourself active, engaged and challenged. Take a class on a topic in which you are interested, or pick up a new hobby. Socialize with new friends or visit old friends. Find a passion, and immerse yourself in it. Keeping a positive attitude, working out, finding ways to overcome limitations and actually feeling younger than you really are can make a big difference in your life.

Attention Deficits

Having an attention deficit is a mental disorder that many children and adults face every day. People who have this type of condition find it difficult to concentrate. They are easily susceptible to distractions. This disorder is very common. Research into causes and treatments is ongoing. Some people require medications, others may not. Unfortunately if it is left untreated in children their education can suffer. However, in recent years teachers have been specially trained to recognize the symptoms and help children get the appropriate help. This can make a huge difference in how kids learn.

Symptoms of this disorder include the inability to get along with others, not finishing tasks, lack of organizational skills, frequent daydreaming, and not listening to others when being spoken to. People with this type of condition may also have a difficult time maintaining friendships and getting along with others due to their behaviors. Some of the causes can be genetic or environmental. Environmental causes include exposure to cigarette smoke and/or alcohol as a fetus or baby, as well as exposure to lead paint.

Learning to focus by training the mind and improving the ability to concentrate is a technique that may be utilized by older kids and adults as an alternative to medications. The first step is getting the correct diagnosis. After that, the problem and behavior is analyzed. There are varying degrees of this disorder. It can have a severe impact on everyday life for some people, while others may just have a milder version. Your doctor may be able to offer some insights and training exercises to help keep your focus where it should be instead of wandering elsewhere.

Because this issue is so widespread, educators at schools are now being specially trained to recognize the symptoms. It used to be that children who exhibited certain behaviors were just thought to be "acting out." But now that isn't always the case. Attention deficit disorder is widely recognized as a disorder that often needs treatment instead of personality issue. Many kids do grow out of it as they age. And educators need to keep in mind that children with this disorder aren't any less intelligent than other students, they just have a different way of learning.

Telomere Length and The Mediterranean Diet

If you're a woman looking for a way to live a healthy lifestyle and guard against premature aging, it may be well worth your time to research a mediterranean diet. This entails eating fruits, vegetables, whole unrefined grains, fish, and healthy fats such as olive oils and nuts. Recent research published in a study from the BMJ has shown that consuming such foods can lead to longer telomere length. Telomeres are part of the DNA chromosomes that are related to aging.

Longer lengths are linked to healthier cells, whereas shorter lengths are related to damage and premature aging. Researchers and doctors have known for years that eating well and exercise offer a fair amount of protection from all types of chronic diseases and other conditions that contribute to poor health. If you want to lead a better life and have more energy, cut down on prepackaged foods and instead go for fresh fruits and vegetables. You don't have to cut fat out entirely, because your body needs it. Instead, focus on healthy fats, such as those that are in olive oil and nuts.

Of course, diet alone can't fix everything. Physical activity must also be a part of your lifestyle. Activities such as riding a bike, swimming, and going for walks on a regular basis can help you burn fat and calories while at the same time boosting your energy levels. You don't have to join an expensive gym, but it may be worth it to find some like minded friends to enjoy exercising with. Or check out some classes that sound interesting, such as tai chi or yoga. The important thing is to get moving and stay moving.

Along with eating healthy foods such as fish, legumes, nuts, fruits and vegetables, another important aspect of eating in the highly recommended Mediterranean style is wine. Enjoying a glass of wine with your meal can contribute to positive results. Keep in mind that this is a long term lifestyle, but if you adhere to it the results that you yield can keep you healthy for years to come. So stick to it - and enjoy the new you!

Informed Choice at Restaurants

Many people overeat simply because they don't know they are doing it. They may not be informed about how many calories they are consuming. This lack of information and inability to make informed choices definitely has contributed to the issue of obesity in our society. Most of the foods we buy at the grocery are labeled so that we know exactly what we're ingesting. And due to new laws, restaurants are now required to label their foods so that consumers know exactly how many nutrients are in their favorite dishes.

The obesity problem doesn't just stem from not knowing what's in our food (such as sugar, fat, and sodium content,) but it also stems from not making good choices. This means that many people will choose processed foods over fresh foods, especially if they are basing their decision on ease of cooking rather than how good it actually is for them. But seeing those numbers listed on the menu might help sway people to make better choices. And since being informed is the best way to make the best decisions for your health, it certainly makes sense to list calorie counts on menus.

We know that the amount of calories in a dish isn't the only way to judge whether or not it's good or bad. Other nutrient information will also be listed. Restaurants will have to add carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol, sugars, and proteins. They will have to include this information in writing so that consumers know exactly what they are getting when they order their favorite dishes. And another thing consumers will need to keep in mind is that these guidelines are based on a 2000 calorie daily diet. Not everyone follows that standard number, so the amounts may need adjusted for those who have special needs or require lower calorie loads.

Getting healthy is a process. Making smart decisions about the food you eat and getting the right amount of exercise are two of the best ways to improve your energy levels and overall health. Knowing how are dishes are cooked and how that affects your health is important.

Happy Wife Happy Life and Heart

Maintaining a good marriage takes a significant amount of work from both partners. However, studies have shown that married people are healthier, happier, and lead longer lives than their single counterparts. An MSU study measured levels of satisfaction and happiness in both singles and couples. And while a decline in happiness is normal in adulthood, those who had taken the vows and walked down the aisle felt they were better off for it. However, as most people who are married already know, that level of commitment can be difficult to maintain throughout the years.

Men who consistently make effort to keep the relationship moving in a positive direction probably already understand the phrase "happy wife, happy life." And when things get rough, it is known that women more affected than men. That's because women tend to think more about the intricacies of the relationship rather than what men think. But as long as both partners look at the positive and understand that it is an ongoing process, the union can grow stronger throughout the years rather than break under strains and pressures of life. We must understand that to be successful in a relationship, we must constantly work at it. For some, this may mean counseling.

There are have also been studies about people's emotional and mental well being regarding the state of their marriage. For example, those who have good relationships often report a better quality of life than those who are having marital problems. If your heart isn't in your marriage you may be more at risk for problems in the physical sense as well as emotional. People who have marital issues may be more at risk for stress related illnesses.

While these studies on humans and relationships are certainly interesting, it certainly doesn't mean people who are married are destined for a lifetime of happiness, nor does it prove that singles are not going to achieve the same levels of happiness. Everyone is different. But a simple message to guys who are married - it definitely doesn't hurt to do nice things for your wife every once in a while.

Finding Healthy Recipes

Getting on the right track to get healthy and staying that way isn't just about spending a bunch of time at the gym (although time spent exercising is definitely worth it). It starts with the food you eat. That's right, your weekly trip to the grocery store has a serious impact on your overall health - including your weight, cholesterol levels, and energy levels. And if you're the type of person who goes to the store hungry, you've probably realized that doesn't really help you regarding your long-term goals - in fact, it can be extremely counterproductive.

Finding healthy recipes isn't as difficult as you might think. You can look for them in magazines, online, and in books. Other great sources may include friends or family - everyone has at least one friend who is amazing in the kitchen and seems to have the perfect touch preparing delicious and filling dishes that won't pack on the pounds. And keep in mind that making your own meals is extremely more beneficial than picking up prepackaged items - many of which are high in fats and preservatives we actually don't need. Even if you're a busy person you probably have time to spend a little bit of time making a grocery list and prepping your food for the week. It can save you time, money, and extra weight especially in comparison to eating at restaurants or picking up that frozen dish to heat up in the microwave.

Keep in mind that your diet should contain a wide array of foods. Finding easy to make dishes that have complex carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats can be fun to do. And remember, it isn't all about counting calories, but do pay attention to serving sizes. You may not be able to calculate the calories, but you may be able to estimate them based on the ingredients you use. Again, don't get caught up in the numbers game regarding what you eat. Instead, try paying attention to your body. It can often tell you how much is enough. One of the best ways to learn the cues from your body is to eat slowly and savor each bite. Enjoy it and take your time. Doing so will keep you from ingesting too much and getting that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

One last piece of advice regarding eating things that are good for you and still taste excellent - don't think you have to give up dessert. Instead, focus on desserts that are good for you and that aren't full of refined sugar. Raw fruit, such as strawberries, grapes, bananas or apples with peanut butter can be extremely filling while satisfying that sweet tooth.

Fight Bone Loss

Osteoporosis is a condition that allows the bones to weaken, sometimes significantly. Unfortunately, that weakening can lead to serious injury. This condition is more prevalent in women than men. It can be a real threat to your future activity if not taken seriously now. There are different factors that can contribute to this condition. Some of those factors include age, weight, lifestyle choices, medications, and hormones. Family history is another influence. If someone in your family has been diagnosed with bone loss, the chances of others being diagnosed is higher.

Estrogen and testosterone are two hormones within the human body. As females age, the levels of estrogen in their bodies tends to decrease. This also holds true for men and testosterone. Unfortunately, the reduction of those hormones within the body leads to a weakening of the bones. This might be why bone loss is not diagnosed until later in life when the damage occurs through breakage. And the time to take action regarding this condition is when you're still young.

Make sure to get plenty of calcium and vitamin D. Exercise regularly and include weight training. Eat foods that are high in polyphenols, such as blueberries. Recent studies have shown they may be able to help prevent bone loss. Also keep an eye on medications that you take. Certain medications, such as steroids, can contribute to bone loss and weakening. So can some diseases, especially those that affect the intestines and interfere with how the body absorbs nutrients from foods.

Drinking milk and eating foods that are fortified with vitamins and minerals are two simple ways to help ensure bone health. Watch what you eat. Keep in mind that fresh food choices are better than foods that are packed full of preservatives and sodium. Find out what your daily recommended daily intake is for calcium and Vitamin D (it varies based on gender and age) and do your best to give your body the fuel it needs to stay strong. Doing so can help you avoid health problems now and later. 

Fight bone loss through diet and exercise.